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100 Stories: Chef Ryuki’s Crème de la crème: The Spring Dessert Tasting Menu at Mezzaluna

“After eating chocolate you feel godlike, as though you can conquer enemies, lead armies, entice lovers.”

“I have a small confession to make” says Chef Ryuki “Cheese and bread… it’s not my favourite thing.So with the cheese course I like to do something more interesting.I was inspired by a Japanese dessert called a Monaka. It is like a cross between an elegant sandwich and an éclair. Traditionally an outer crispy wafer, made with mochigome, (sticky Japanese rice flour used to make mochi), encases sweet red adzuki bean paste. I substituted this with goat’s cheese ice cream and serve it with black sesame paste and sesame crumble at the base.Finished with goat milk cheese powder.”

Calamansi Tart
The Calamansi citrus fruit from the Philippines are an old cross between mandarins and kumquats. The flavour is sour orange or sweet lime with a lovely fragrance to match.Served on a soft biscuit base, dipped in calamansi syrupand topped with calamansi cream, fresh orange confit and finished with Sake Kazuice cream (the lees - residual yeast – from sake after fermentation which is not only tasty but very healthy)and French meringue. Sweet and savourylike salted-caramel.

Markrin 80% Dark Chocolate “From Bean to Bar”
Chocolate mousse with chocolate ganache,followed with cocoa nib mousse roll with in cocoa powder,finished with wasabi parfait with dark chocolate. All sprinkled with roasted and raw cocoa chocolate crumble
“Markrin cocoa beans are grown in Chiang Mai by family artisans. The pastry chef from Mezzaluna works closely with them to make an special chocolate exclusive to us with more acidity, and more cacao. So we have an original chocolate, and we also have a wasabi chocolate which work so well together.”

Petit Fours
1.Yuzu  cream with praline and roasted hazelnut
2.Chocolate rice crispy with ginger and chocolate Ganache
3.HojichaFinancier (Japanese green tea is distinctive from other Japanese green teas because it is roasted over charcoal).Topped with Hojicha cream