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The Dome’s restaurants are used to superlatives: to being the most this, the best that. The first of its kind, or the highest—as the world’s first vertical destination, we’re used to soaring to the greatest heights. Alfresco 64 is no exception.

About Alfresco 64

We’re the highest open-air whisky bar in the world – the world’s most luxurious whisky-drinking experience.

Another distinction we can claim: Bangkok’s most extensive list of brown spirits. But there’s one clear star on the list: the only one you won’t—you can’t—find anywhere else.

Indoors and out, you’ll find sleek nautical lines, lacquered rosewood flooring and sunken seating. The interior sections look and feel like an opulent yacht cabin. And the exterior? Let’s just say there’s a reason we’re called ‘Alfresco’. Our open-air terrace is Alfresco 64’s grandest feature. Elegantly designed to resemble a yacht’s prow, it juts over the side of the building. There is nowhere better to enjoy the world’s finest whisky, and Bangkok’s best views.

Alfresco 64 is the toast of the town. Here are some of the many honors we’ve received from the media and award-granting bodies.


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Restaurant Policies


Based on the invaluable feedback of our guests, we adhere to specific policies at The Dome at lebua. Our standards are designed to ensure that all guests of our restaurants are afforded the pleasant atmosphere they have come to expect and to ensure their privacy, comfort and safety.


Athletic or sports uniforms, slippers, beach sandals and flip-flops are not permitted. Gentlemen must avoid any sleeveless clothing, shorts and open shoes. Please note that our smart casual dress code applies to children as well.


Photography is permitted at our establishments, with the exception of select areas. The use of drones, tripods, extensions and external flash units are not allowed.


Children are welcome at our restaurants however the dress code applies to children at our restaurants entrants must be at least 20 years of age.