Activities and Attractions

Culinary Walk

Lucknow as a city has carved a niche for itself by attracting gastronomes, for the want of discovering and re-discovering Awadhi cuisine. Lucknow is one place that has a full colony of chefs, called ‘Bawarchi Tola’, and there is a full street where one can find the best from Lucknow’s very own traditional kitchens. Join us for a guided evening walk to hop in and out of traditional roadside eateries to try the best of what’s on the menu. Experience the best of the best at unpretentious eateries, without having to worry about how to eat without a fork or to wipe your hands clean after you are done. (This walk is essentially for meat lovers and is conducted daily at 6.45pm, except Thursdays, Sundays and special holidays. It starts and ends at Akbari Gate, and the total duration is about 1.5 hours.)

Heritage Walk

In Lucknow, history stretches far beyond the concrete walls of its monuments. It is not just another city, but a chapter that unfolds itself each time one visits this epicenter of culture. At lebua, we have designed an exclusive Heritage Walk to discover the lanes and the bylanes of Chowk. We explore the unexplored, and explain the inexplicable. We have been discovering and rediscovering the city since lebua Lucknow’s inception in 1994, and we continue to stumble upon new elements of history that we love to share with our guests. The Heritage Walk is our endeavour to share these discoveries and our knowledge of this very special destination.

Victorian Walk

Our Victorian Walk at Hazratgunge (Hazratganj) explores rich history, legacy and of course the marketplace that has evolved over time to cater to the cultured and the elite of Lucknow. Enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of Darjeeling tea and some tea-time essentials, and discover and rediscover the Hazratganj of yore and the transformed Ganj of today. Immerse yourself in the checkered history of Hazratganj, from the mutiny days of 1857 to World War II and Indian Independence in 1947. Further on, you will learn about the pivotal role Hazratganj plays in people’s lives and why the people of Lucknow take so much pride in being seen here. You will also have an opportunity to walk in and out of the glitzy showrooms and emporia that entice with their colours and grand style. You will be guided by an expert, with ample time to look around. The commentary on this walk is through an audio guide system, helping you to listen to your walk leader, even when you are not necessarily following him.