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What is an evening at Sirocco like? It’s an experience best taken in with all five senses—difficult to describe, but we’ll try. Its sights are iconic: lebua’s imposing golden dome above you, the twinkling lights of Bangkok around and below.

About Sirocco

Its sounds: the live jazz band and audible gasps as guests emerge from the dome and catch a first glimpse of the view. “Wow.” We hear that a lot.

Its smells and tastes also tend to elicit appreciative gasps: authentic Mediterranean cuisine cooked to perfection. It’s so perfect, in fact, that the food, wine, ambiance and service all received a perfect ten from Thailand Tatler.

Take a Mediterranean voyage without moving from your seat, and experience flavors from Mykonos, Nice, Rome, Barcelona, Tunis and Beirut, all imaginatively interpreted. For the full taste experience, make sure to add our sommeliers’ recommended pairings.

An evening at Sirocco has become so iconic—so synonymous with Bangkok fine dining—that it might surprise you to hear that it almost didn’t happen.

When lebua was getting its start, we were told by many that a rooftop restaurant where Sirocco now sits was a bad idea. There was no view. Believing in our vision for the world’s highest alfresco restaurant, we used 100 tons of steel to elevate the floor, ultimately creating one of Bangkok’s finest views and most celebrated dining experiences.

Finally, how about the sense of touch? How does a night at Sirocco feel on the skin? It’s a pleasant balmy breeze—none of the hot stickiness you might find 64 floors below. Or, maybe, goosebumps. Not from chill, but from the whole experience—a little bit of moonlit magic. But don’t take our word for it. Like we said, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.


Chef Brian Rodriguez embarked on his culinary journey in Piobbico, Italy, where he honed his skills at Osteria del Parco under the guidance of Chef Samuele Ferri. Motivated by Ferri’s mentorship, Brian set off to Melbourne, Australia, initially planning a short stay that stretched into five transformative years. Upon returning to Europe, he gained experience in a vibrant culinary scene before continuing his culinary adventures in different countries.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Brian Rodriguez , Executive Chef

Embracing seasonal ingredients, Brian finds inspiration in spring's abundance, creating light and refreshing dishes that celebrate nature's bounty. Balancing personal preferences with guest desires, he prioritizes taste and quality over extravagant plating techniques, ensuring memorable dining experiences. Happiest in the kitchen, Brian thrives on creating new dishes and witnessing diners' enjoyment. Despite mastering complex flavors, he maintains a fondness for simple, comforting foods. As an Executive Chef of Sirocco restaurant, Brian continues to elevate dining experiences with his culinary expertise, offering guests a unique and unforgettable journey through his dishes.

Sirocco Awards

Sirocco was Lebua’s first restaurant—and continues to this day to be the toast of the town. Here are some of the many honors Sirocco has received:


World Culinary Awards 2023 - World's Best Rooftop Restaurant

World Culinary Awards 2023 - Asia's Best Rooftop Restaurant


World Culinary Awards 2022 - Asia's Best Rooftop Restaurant

Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants by Koktail Magazine – Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2022


World Travel Award - Asia’s Leading Hotel Rooftop Restaurant & Bar 2020


Thailand Tatler – Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2018


Dianping – Most Popular Restaurant in Bangkok 2017

Thailand Tatler – Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2017


Thailand Tatler – Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2016


Thailand Tatler – Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2015


Thailand Tatler – Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2014


The Telegraph, UK – Oak at Sirocco is listed under The world's most expensive desserts

Thailand Tatler– Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2013


The Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2011-2013 – HAPA Restaurant of the Year; HAPA Best 10 in Asia (Platinum Winner)

The Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2011-2013 – HAPA Most Cosmopolitan Bar & Restaurant; HAPA Best 10 in Asia (Platinum Winner)

Thailand Tatler – Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2011


The Art of Travel, The Ultimate Travel Guide 2007 – Book Most Overwhelming Restaurant Experience with a Great Wow Factor 2007

American Express 2007 – My Favorite International Restaurant 2007


American Express 2006 – My Favorite International Restaurant 2006


Condé Nast Traveler, US – Hot Nights & Hot Tables 2005

Restaurant Policies


Based on the invaluable feedback of our guests, we adhere to specific policies at The Dome at lebua. Our standards are designed to ensure that all guests of our restaurants and bars are afforded the pleasant atmosphere they have come to expect and to ensure their privacy, comfort, and safety.


To maintain the expected atmosphere of our restaurants and bars, we request that our guests adhere to a smart casual dress code. We kindly ask that caps, athletic or sports uniforms, slippers, beach sandals, flip-flops, and crocs shoes to be avoided. For gentlemen, sleeveless t-shirts, shorts, and open shoes are not permitted. Please be aware that the smart casual dress code also applies to children. Our policies are in place to ensure the privacy, comfort, and safety of all our guests. Thank you for your cooperation.


To ensure a sophisticated atmosphere, guests at Mezzaluna and Chef’s Table are required to adhere to a more formal dress code. Men are expected to wear collared shirts and long trousers, and avoid wearing T-shirts, sleeveless clothing, shorts, and caps. However, long jeans are permitted as long as they are worn with fully-covered shoes.


We warmly welcome children of all ages at Sirocco and Breeze. For Mezzaluna, Chef’s Table, Sky Bar, and The Flute Bar, children aged seven and above are welcome when accompanied by an adult. However, please note that Distil Bar, Alfresco 64, lebua No.3, and Pink Bar strictly admit individuals who are at least twenty years old.


Photography is permitted at our establishments, with the exception of select areas. The use of drones, tripods, extensions and external flash units is not allowed.


We regret that we cannot provide storage for your personal belongings such as backpacks, shopping bags, suitcases or other luggage.


The deposit is required for the guaranteed reservation. It will be adjusted against dinner at the restaurant. Please note that we cannot guarantee your booking until this deposit has been received.

Any reservation made by a guest/company can be amended or canceled up to 72 hours prior to the reservation time without incurring any charge.

Any cancellation, no-show, or change made less than 72 hours prior to the reservation time will incur a cancellation fee of the deposit which will be applied without any prior notice.


For reservations on special event dates such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, and Valentine’s Day, as well as for group reservations at our restaurants and bars, a non-refundable deposit of 100% is mandatory and must be paid in advance;

Please note that this deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be applied to other reservations or alternate events or functions in the case of cancellation or no-show. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.