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The Dome at lebua is the official home of the very exclusive and premium Davidoff cigars
Zino Davidoff was born in 1906 in Kiev, Ukraine. With pogroms taking place in Russia, the Davidoff family was forced to flee the country. They settled in Geneva Switzerland. It was there that Zino found his love of cigars; it wasn’t long until he opened a tobacco shop. At a young age, Zino found himself traveling the country of South America and eventually making his way to Cuba. Once there, Zino fell in love with the people and tobacco and in 1947, he began producing his Chateau Selection cigar line. This was the beginning of a forty-three year long love affair with Cuba. During the 1980's, several disputes took place with the production facility and Davidoff Cigars moved their entire facility to the Dominican Republic in 1990. Davidoff Cigars chose the finest tobacco available and rebuilt using the same standards for quality they did in Cuba. It wasn’t long before they reemerged and regained their title of producing some of the finest cigars in the world.
This Cigar is full-bodied and is as perfect as it can get in the cigar world. From aroma, taste, appearance, and total cigar bliss. These Davidoff cigars are always produced in limited amounts and very rare. 2,470++
The earthy, woody notes of this harmonious blend emphasizing the floral aromas and leave a particularly clean, creamy aftertaste. 2,400++
It is a treat to the fans of the super premium cigars. Complemented in the second third by flavors of oak, liquorices, fruit, salt and leather. Lastly coffee and chili chocolate flavors arrive culminating in a finale of charming complexity. 2,100++
A beautifully crafted and wholly unconventional cigar, the Special Short Perfecto addresses the senses with an exquisite harmony of leather, nuts, black pepper and spices. 1,990++
The elegant Nicaragua Toro is spicy and peppery at the beginning, before evolving into a pleasant smoke with the familiar delight of the dual Davidoff sweet and dark bitter chocolate notes. 2,200++
The Short Corona bestows the time to discover the sensorial adventure that is the hallmark of the Davidoff Nicaragua. The cigar bursts with the rich flavors of roasted coffee and dark bitter chocolate, over sweet and creamy notes combined with spices and white pepper. 1,300++
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