Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails
Our mixologist showcases the art of mixing through various techniques, house made infusions, foams, smoke and Whisky that takes you on a journey through skillfully crafted cocktails to arouse your senses.
Frescito Alfresco's take on famous Mojito! Chivas Regal Extra built with ginger, fresh mint, lime, sugar and topped with refreshing ginger ale.
Mango Glacier Chivas Regal 18 shaken with olmeca blanco tequila, lime and sugar, served over refreshingly sweet mango granita.
Corn Star Surprising and delicious! Chivas Regal 18 Yrs shaken with passion fruit, pineapple, Frangelico and corn syrup. Accompanied by delicious popcorns.
Silk Road Fruity and thirst quenching! Chivas Regal Extra shaken with cranberry, vanilla, lime and cointreau.
Bold & Beautiful A sense tingling cool twist on a bold classic Boulevardier cocktail! Chivas Regal Extra stirred with sweet Italian red vermouth poured over campari & green chartreuse granita and your choice of absinthe, orange or Peychauds bitter mist.
Fire & Ice Will the fire in chili win or the sweetness in lemongrass? Find out! Chivas Regal 18 years stirred with vodka and coconut water poured over chili-lemongrass-kafir lime granita.
Mixologist’s special
Recently we have a perfect matched of cocktails created for him and for her.
One more sip “You eat with your eyes first” the taste of Venus Chivas Mizunara and Mancino Sakura Vermouth, raspberry enhanced; on top with yuzu lychee foam . Do not missed.
On my way to Bangkok Meet our old Thai inspiration, Jameson Black infused with pandan , aloevera juice and a touch of coconut, served with our dark chocolate . It’s our treat!!