Small Bites & Salads

Cold Mezze Platter (V)
Muhammara, labneh with mint, hummus & pita bread
Burrata Cheese (V)
Classic served with tomato, eggplant salad
Mozu Cold Platter 750
Premium cold cuts, cheese, pickled vegetable
Chicken 65
Spicy deep fried chicken with beetroot, yoghurt dip
Lamb Samosa
Fried minced lamb parcels
Fish Tacos
Guacamole, jalapeno, tomato salsa
Crispy Calamari
Paprika & lemon scented, lime aioli
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Deep fried shrimp rolls, sweet chili sauce
Vegetable Spring Rolls (V)
Deep - fried vegetarian rolls, sweet chili sauce
Mozu Thai Platter
Sampling platter of spring rolls, prawn wrapped in egg noodles, fish cakes, chicken satay
Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, bacon, parmesan with a choice of chicken or prawns
Tuna Loin Nicoise
Mix greens, French beans, olive, anchovies
Mozu Salad (V)
Mix greens, artichokes, tomatoes, avocado, olives with lemon dressing
Beetroot Salad (V)
Quinoa, mint, feta, pumpkin & sunflower seeds
Hoisin Duck
Five spice duck , watermelon, coriander, cashewnuts, shallot & hoisin sauce
Yam Som O
Pomelo, young coconut, soft shell crab with tamarind
Yam Woon Sen Talay
Thai traditional mix seafood salad with glass noodles