Singapore Noodle
“Chilli crab style”
Phad Thai
Fried noodles, prawns, garnishes & condiments
Phad See Ew
Flat rice noodles, egg, kale, choice of chicken, pork or beef
(Accompanied by Jasmine Rice)
Chu Chee Pla Salmon
Grilled salmon, red chili, coconut curry
Gaeng Kiew Wan
Thai green curry with choice of beef, chicken or prawn
Masaman Gai
Masaman curry, potato, chicken, coconut milk
Masaman Phak (V)
Masaman curry, potato, vegetables, coconut milk
Gaeng Phed Ped Yang
Thai red curry with roasted duck
Pla Krapong Neung Manaw
Steamed seabass, chili & lemon sauce
Gai Phad Medmamuang
Stir-fried chicken, cashews, chili, onion, capsicum
Phad Krapaow
Choice of ground beef, chicken, pork or prawns, wok-fried with basil, garlic & chili
Nuae Phad Khing
Wok fried sliced Angus beef with ginger sauce
Khao Phad Khai Dao
Wok-fried rice, egg, tomato, fresh lime, choice of shrimp, pork or chicken