Beautifully restored doors with traditional chikan block handles and customized handmade Moroccan flooring lead into a world that offers a glimpse of a bygone era. The name “Azrak” comes from the Arabic word for blue – the colour of royalty. The restaurant brings together royal cuisines from three erstwhile princely states of India. And when Awadh, the land of Nawabs, Hydrabad, home to the Nizams, and the Shahi Rajputana come together, the result is magnificent.

Qadeemi Lazzat revives the rare combination of Awadhi delicacies, paying homage to the visually enchanting and texturally rich dishes of a gracious era. Ghizaayat is a cornucopia of culinary delights resurrected from the closely guarded age-old recipes of the Nizam’s khansamas, while Shahi Rajputana aptly reflects the opulent yet robust flavours from the desert state of Rajasthan.

The all-day restaurant also serves Pan-Asian cuisine that caters to the palates of all discerning diners.

Breakfast: 6.30-10.30am
Lunch: noon-2.45pm
Dinner: 7pm-midnight
In-Between Meals: 10.30am-noon; 2.45-7pm