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100 Stories: “Spring is natures way of saying: ‘Let’s party’!”

Innovative French cuisine, with large helpings of Chef Ryuki Kawasaki’s Japanese heart and premium Japanese products, have earned him numerous awards and two Michelin stars. Even before his food melts in your mouth; you can devour his delightful seasonal dishes with your eyes…

Seven Course Spring Tasting Menu by Chef Ryuki Kawasaki (continued)

Sawara “Shio koji Marinated”
Spanish Mackerel, White Asparagus, Uni
Called ‘Spanish Mackerel’ but ours is actually fished from the seas south of Osaka, Japan. Sawara or Spanish Mackerel is considered the most succulent mackerel by the Japanese.
Marinated with sake kasu (the lees - residual yeast – from sake after fermentation). Grilled to perfection then served on a uni sea urchin sauce and served with sautéed white asparagus topped with a delicious Hokkaido uni and finished with shio koji (a natural Japanese seasoning) to add umami (rough translation: ‘yummy’) foam 

Menuke “Preserved in Pure Sesame Oil”
Ocean Perch, Sakura Shrimps, Green peas, Yuba
Ocean Perch comes from the cold, deep seas off Hokkaido. We make a confit in pure sesame oil, served on a base of green pea puree. Topped with creamy Yuba (tofu skin), and a fricassee of green peas and onion fondue. Finished with crispy sakura (sweet Spring) shrimp on top.


Jean Larnaudie’s Foie Gras “ Seared and Custard ”
Bamboo Shoot, Broad Bean, Hamaguri Dashi
Famous Foie Gras from South West France, served in two different preparations. The ‘custard’ is at the base. The pan fried foie gras rests on top surrounded by Hamaguri clams (important in Japanese cuisine), bamboo shoots and broad beans. Topped with wild rice crispy and sansho pepper - which adds a citrus kick - and finished with Hamaguri clam dashi bouillon.


Niigata Murakami Wagyu Beef A5 “Grilled over Binchō Charcoal”
Kabu Turnip, Black Olive and Black Garlic
Grade A5 Wagyu beef from Chef Ryuki’s hometown in Niigata. Bincho white charcoal is very special, used traditionally in Japanese cooking. At the base is black olive and (very healthy fermented) black garlic puree, topped with with kabu turnip mille-feuille, with rocket and grain mustard. Finished with black olive powder and beef jus

Iberico Pork “Grill on Hoba Leaf”
Kuruma Prawn, Morel Mushroom, Nagaimo
Tender Iberico Pork from Spain, is grilled on aromatic and flavoursome hoba leaf (magnolia). Served on a base of morel mushroom puree and topped with an exquisite Kuruma prawn and deep fried Nagaimo yams.
Bon appetit!