lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: The Beginning. Sirocco and Sky Bar:

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato. Today lebua’s collection of bars and restaurants form the world’s first vertical destination. But few people know the history.

It all began after Thailand’s Tom Yum Kung crisis of the late 1990’s. A financial crash left abandoned developments dotted along Bangkok’s skyline.

CEO, Mr. Deepak Ohri says: “Back in 2003, when I was the company’s first employee, I stood on top of State Tower and thought – wow! It was a massive space with incredible views and I just knew that if I felt moved other people would too.”
Deepak discovered a Bangkok-based architecture and design company. “It was a company that designed offices! No one in hospitality design believed in my vision. All the ‘big players’ (at the time) refused the project. It turned out to be a good thing.”

Scott Whittaker, Creative director of dwp says: “Deepak was very inspiring. His idea was to have a world class outdoor restaurant and bar. But he let us develop the design concept. The basics were already there - a grand staircase and a fountain - but not much more. I tried to think about what could be created with that space. A helicopter flew over and I remembered the Fellini film La Dolce Vita. The similarities to Rome struck me: the Spanish Steps and the fountain. I said to myself: ‘This is a film set’.”

The rest was about to become history.

To this day one of the key successes of Sirocco, the Dome’s first restaurant and the highest al fresco restaurant in the world, is the emotional design. “Deepak talks a lot about experiences. Experiences are always about emotion. Designing unexpected space, colours and light conspire to create lasting memories”, says Scott.

Of course another key to Sirocco’s success is the signature Mediterranean much-awarded cuisine, seamless service against the backdrop of Bangkok’s most exhilarating views.

Whatever the secret magic is Bangkok now has a Hangover 2 (or two), more stardust and the world’s first vertical destination because of Sirocco.