lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: “Effort and hard work construct the bridge that connects your dreams to reality.”

The Breeze Bridge is one of Bangkok’s most Instagrammed spots. Inspired by the concept of Breeze restaurant, an otherworldly temple of culinary delights, that floats in the night sky.

The menu at Breeze draws on the rich culinary heritage of the Far East. So, while the design draws on Chinese art, you will find none of the clichés. The space is inspired by clouds, by light and water. All traditional Chinese themes; but interpreted in a new way.

Scott Whittaker of dwp says: “With Breeze Bridge we wanted to create a dramatic entry experience. Guests previously had to enter the space at the lower level as a rectangular pediment was blocking the entry. An old unattractive guest lounge and concrete deck was replaced by the bridge solution. It not only provides amazing views across Bangkok, it links all the architectural elements of State Tower and dramatic balconies facade.”

The bridge was constructed at a slight angle which enhances the spatial dimension. “It's subtle but tricks the brain to seeing greater dimension. As with all the designs at the lebua, the Bridge is linked to a circle, in this case, a vertical round cut out in the facade. The end of the bridge was previously a dull white brick wall that was turned into a positive by covering it with mirrors and thousands of tiny LED stars that create a sense of infinity in the night sky.”

The entire construction was made off-site, then cut in pieces to fit in the the elevator, then welded back together onsite. Scott says: “It was challenging to bring all the materials up to level 55 and create such a long span bridge.” 

A special non-slip textured glass was used for the floor that features colour changing LED lights. This was a world first. Each of the thousands of holes was hand drilled in the glass mirror by technician flown in from Taiwan.

Scott adds: “Breeze Restaurant has certainly stood the test of time. There are very few 12-year-old restaurants still look as fresh and contemporary as this. With the addition of lebua. No3, Chef’s Table and Pink Bar; lebua’s evolution into a vertical destination is exciting to see.”