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100 Stories: Dim Sum Tasting Menu by Chef Sam Pang at Breeze.

“Making dim sum well takes many years to learn. You have to be precise and dedicated. There are many skills involved in the different aspects of dim sum: frying, steaming, making the wrappings for the dumplings, creating the delicious fillings and making rice noodle rolls.” Chef Sam

There is a long historic tradition of dim sum that has travelled down the Silk Road and spread all over the Far East. But, of course, at Breeze Chef Sam wants to create something surprising. A different way to present China’s favourite dishes.

There are some things that do not change however, like premium ingredients and fresh herbs and spices from the Far East spice combined for maximum taste.

Dim Sum Tasting Menu


Black pepper, morel jus
The morel from France (morille sechee) is quite dry, making it the perfect accompaniment to the rich Australian tenderloin venison meat. It is double-boiled for more than 4 hours then blended with fresh milk and unsalted butter to make the jus.
The dough wrapper is homemade.

Scallop, Cabbage, Vinaigrette Jelly
Tang bao are large, soup-filled steamed buns alsoknown as guantang bao. Various varieties are found but our  Norwegian King Crab with double boiled cornfed chicken consomme wil knock your socks off.

Chilean Seabass with Sea urchin & Thai Curries
Spiced Wagyu Beef with Taro & Orange Peel: The spiced Wagyu beef is married with five-spice powder (a blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and Szechwan peppercorns) which, with the citrus, create unforgettable flavour.
Chilean Seabass with sea-urchin and Thai curry is sweet and rich.

Dried scallop, XO sauce
The sundried Hokkaido scallops produce a deep flavour similar to Hong Kong style cuisine, but with a unique taste: gentleness, balanced with great texture. The XO sauce is the definition of luxury. Blended with chili, garlic, shallots, shrimp roe, dried sole and Chinese Yunna ham.

Coconut Foam, Passion Fruit Sorbet
Mango pudding is a simple dessert made from fresh Namdokmai mangos and coconut milk. The pudding has a rich and creamy texture and is served cold, usually with a fresh mango garnish, coconut foam and passion sorbet.