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Rajasthan brings to mind a land full of colour, vibrancy and cultural splendour. lebua Resort, Jaipur, located in Jaipur has a vocabulary of design that looks inwards at this rich source for inspiration.

lebua Resort, Jaipur, inspired by "Nav Ratn"; nine pure gemstones that are said to focus the cosmic energy of an associated celestial body, ruled by a deity. The lustrous gem-craft of Jaipur, is reflected in the materials used and the intricate quality of detail in public and private spaces.

The sculptural astronomical devices of Jantar Mantar, made in the early eighteenth century, were the starting point for the architects for an interpretation of modern Rajasthan. The ancient observatories were truly ahead of their times in accuracy, scale and grandeur. Taking forward this spirit, the all suite lebua Resort, Jaipur boutique hotel is a place that combines lyrical spaces with bold architecture. Domes and arches rise out on the horizon, towering structures in red sandstone filter the light of the sun creating patterns on the ground as you approach this inspired destination.

The notice for the swimming pool closure

As part of our continued commitment to enhance our property and services, we are currently in the process of renovating and upgrading our swimming pool due to a leakage in it.

During the week starting 27th November’17 till 10th January’18 the pool would not be available for the guest use. We are convinced that our new upgraded facilities will make your future stays with us even more enjoyable, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding while we make these enhancements to our beautiful resort.

Thank you for your patronage.

About lebua Resort, Jaipur

The newly launched lebua Resort, Jaipur is already generating interest for its contemporary vision of Indian design. Planned as a spa destination, inspired by the architectural traditions of Rajasthan, it promises to deliver a truly unmatched luxury experience.

The philosophy is about living with history, keeping an awareness of our past while looking towards the future. Old and new, culture and modernity, craft and design at every level of the philosophy one finds harmony in contrast and modernity going hand-in-hand with our heritage, with the vision of operating a collection of unique luxury Boutique Hotels, establishing global standards of product quality and service excellence.

The interiors and architectural concept of lebua Resort Jaipur are inspired by Jantar Mantar and gem craft of Jaipur.

"Modern techniques of conception & production have helped to create contemporary patterns at lebua Resort. Reminiscent of the past, each pattern combines the aesthetics of the present with the emotional values of the past and forms an eclectic language which has been used through the project. Abstracting the qualities of gemstones, our primary intent was to insert devices that would give every space its unique personality"

lebua Resort has received worldwide recognition and numerous awards, including:

  • 2012: Tatler’s Best Hotels – Best New Sensation 2012
  • 2011: Destin Asian’s – Luxe List 2011
  • 2011: Asia Pacific Hotel Awards in association with Bloomberg Television – Best New Hotel Construction & Design for India 2011


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